Mani Tiliza: Nurse

Mani Tiliza has two brothers. She and her family live in Pokhara in Nepal. She is 17. Her father is a subsistence farmer. He rents a small plot of land. On it he grows vegetables which he sells to feed his family, and the remainder of the crop they eat for themselves.
The disastrous earthquake of April 2015 was a personal disaster for the family. Their rented house was reduced to rubble. Their landlord rebuilt the house and demanded twice the previous rent, which was beyond their means. Her brother developed a problem with his right leg.
Supported by the Fishtail Fund, her brother’s hospital costs were met and her brother is now almost better. Now Mani made an attempt to achieve a qualification far exceeding her caste and family circumstances: she hoped to become a nurse. She applied for a nursing course. She passed the exam with an exceptional grade and was offered a scholarship. The The Rotary Club of Dronfield raised the money – one thousand, eight hundred pounds – to cover the balance and she begins her new course next month.
Mani wrote to her supporters: How can I say thank you enough? You have made our family heart so warm. Now I will be able to work for money to help my family in return. Rotary you are so kind.
L to right: David Lumb, Coordinator UK for the Fishtail Fund; Mani Tiliza receiving her grant: Binod Koirala, Coordinator in Pokhara Nepal.