Kiran Bastola: B Sc Agriculture

Kiran Bastola is now 23. He became a student of the Fishtail Fund when he was just a little boy at school. His family are very low-caste and have intermittent low income. Kiran is their oldest child.
He has been a high-flier through his school and college time, over a full seven years. He was supported at first by a member of the Rotary Club, and after his death his widow, now 83, continued the support in her husband’s memory.
The support costs were initially £65 a year, then £110: but even in Nepal the costs of a university course were far higher. The Rotary Club’s Fishtail Fund set up a Support Fund and managed to help to a level of £600 a year for the full four years. Now Kiran is about to graduate: a marvellous moment for his family, everyone in Pokhara and of course in Dronfield.
Kiran always keeps us in touch: “I have taken part in Agriculture debates, workshops such as United Nations organised by Young Thinkers. We are also given training on compost and silage-making and ways to enhance the nutrition status of the soil. Thank you for helping continuously towards my destiny. I am very thankful.”