Our Purpose:
To help children from poor Nepali homes to stay on at school.


How we operate:
Support money raised by us is sent to our Trustees in Nepal and given direct to students or more usually to their head teachers.
We have  around 25 students. Most are at school. Some have moved up to Fishtail Plus and some to university.
Would you like to sponsor a student? please let us know your interest at enquiries@fishtailfund.com
We are also seeking help for our existing students so we can support them in college or university. This will only happen if:

    • we are satisfied they are suitable
    • we can attract funding, from their existing and new sponsors
    • they meet our high standards

Our students are clever young hopefuls, the aspiring young people from Nepal, yet all of them desperately poor. They are tending cows, looking after blind uncles, selling vegetables, running families: yet still they are attending school and all have magnificent potential. Their biographies and photographs are inspiring.Celebrate, too, their sponsors, who are trusting us, the Trustees, and above all putting their money and their faith in these remarkable students eight thousand miles away in Pokhara Nepal.

We remind you that for students and teachers, English is their third language, after Nepali and probably Urdu. English, the world language, is different across that world.

How you can help:  The Support Fund

From 2020, the Fund will continue to support our existing students at school and college. From 2020 however we will not continue to recruit at school level; instead we plan to support students leaving school and seeking vocational courses as a kick-start to their careers. We maintain a Support Fund to allow this to happen. Vocational courses costs are high for these students; from £500 a year (Laboratory Assistant) to perhaps £6,000 (Vocational degree over 4 years. Please help us with this new need.

Latest News

The Fund is drawing to a close in the UK. After a turnover of £100,000 plus and over a hundred students, administration is being transferred to our sister club in Pokhara who will continue to recruit and support deserving youngsters.

As well as supporting students we have other activities in Nepal. Please see the Dronfield Rotary Club web site for information about the earthquake in Nepal, and other humanitarian assistance. During the Pandemic in 2020-22 we sent food and medicines to our students’ families.


Sangita Devkota

Sangita joined us as a little girl in 2011. Now she has graduated as a qualified nurse and is seeking work. She has undertaken to work in Nepal for at least two years, to repay the commitment which we have made in her.

Samikshyya Kandel
Samikshyya passed every school exam with flying colours and gained a place at medical school in Kathmandu, with a 75% Government grant.

A UK sponsor agreed to support Samikchyya for the remaining £4,000 for the course. She has passed every exam stage over 5 years. She now just has to go to Kathmandu for hospital experience at a cost of £1300. Please help if you can.



And an aspiring graduate …


Ashik Pun is now in Year 13. The photographs are a snapshot of his hard life living and working by the
river, breaking rocks for the roads and digging sand, but still going regularly to school and dreaming of
a qualification and a better life. He wrote to his sponsors:

I passed last exam with 78.14%. My family’s only income source is working on labour in sand mines in river side. Its very hard to survive with income and we all work from morning to evening. I have six family members, my father, mother, 2 younger sisters, one younger brother and myself. I love school and all my teachers and friends. In future I want to be an electronic engineer. Once again thank you very much for your support.  

Ashik deserves so much to succeed. His attendance, exam grades and aspirations are high in spite of
his adverse circumstances. We cannot let him fail. He is currently supported by both an individual sponsor and a Rotary Club in Bristol. Thanks to both.