Frequently asked questions

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How will I know my support money will be safe?

  • All the trustees are members of Rotary Clubs in the UK or Nepal
  • Your money will go into a UK bank account run by the Rotary Club of Dronfield and you will receive an acknowledgement
  • The Rotary Club of Dronfield will transfer your contribution to the specially constituted Fishtail Fund account in Nepal run by the Nepali Trustees, members of the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail. UK Trustees can interrogate the account.
  • The Nepali Trustees will personally supervise the issuing of your contribution to your student.

How we maintain the value of the money you send us

  • We transfer direct from UK to Nepal fund by bank transfer.
  • The money is sent direct to the student, not via intermediaries.
  • We save administration costs by arranging bank transfers to Nepal in contribution blocks (for which there is a single transfer fee).
  • We don’t ask for credit card contributions which attract a commission.
  • This website is designed and maintained by a website company who make no charge for their services.

How do we choose the student for you to support?

  • our Nepali trustees ask the Head Teachers of local schools for details of students who meet our criteria
  • a short-list of students is interviewed by the Trustees
  • the Trustees select the students worthy of support from The Fishtail Fund
  • a crucial issue in selection is that the student’s parents or guardian support their wish to stay in education
  • at the end of the school year their progress will be reviewed for you by the trustees and their Head Teacher
  • at Fishtail Plus level, we also require the student to stay in Nepal for some years after they complete the course, also to work part-time to help with costs

Will the student I support stay at school?

  • children drop out of school in the UK and throughout the world
  • we have suffered just five dropouts in four years, over 50 students
  • The Nepali trustees and the students’ head teachers have been careful in selecting suitable students. They will keep us in touch. An annual review will bring you up to date
  • changes of family circumstances might make a difference. We can offer no absolute guarantees
  • if a student drops out, your contributions will help another student benefit from the fund.

Use and Misuse of home addresses

  • we will not give your address to the student you support.
  • we will not give you the full address of ‘your student’

This is universal practice among overseas charities to protect both parties.

  • when we select a suitable student we will ask you to choose a name which will appear on the website; Susan, Mrs Smith, The Smith Family, H.R Lucas and staff, etc. This is the only information that will appear publicly.


How can I maintain contact with ‘my’ student?

  • Your first contact will be information from us about name, school, family situation, photographs.
  • Each year we will send you an update including school and exam performance as soon as we receive it.
  • During the year there will often usually be an opportunity to send a letter to Nepal including gifts, family photographs etc
  • We hope that before long you and your student may exchange emails
  • During the year the Nepal Trustees plan a get-together in Pokhara for the students to send you a letter. They will be given help with their English as they may not be very fluent in what is their third language!