Fishtail Plus

We believe that whenever possible we should continue to support our Fishtail Fund students after they leave school. However any such commitment depends on

    • Their enthusiasm and commitment
    • The attitude of their families
    • Their suitability for the course

and above all

  • Our capacity to fund the course!

After 16 and the School Leaving Certificate, our students might choose a vocational course. We support this idea, as University courses are much more expensive and demanding. As in the United Kingdom, skills-based courses are often just as suitable for some students as academic, university courses.

We also try to support courses in Pokhara, to avoid travel and accommodation costs.

University courses

(See also Education in Nepal)

Examples of costs are:

  • £3,000 (4 X £750) for a 4-year course on Computer Science
  • £3,800 (4 X £950) for a 4-year course on Biotechnology
  • £30,000 (3 X £10,000) for a 3 year Medical MBBS course at KIST Medical College based at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Plus the costs of travel, clothing, stationery, textbooks and (if in Kathmandu) hostel accommodation

There are Nepali support scholarships available, but they tend to support only up to 20% of the fees.

Vocational courses: sterling equivalents are approximate

Nursing is an attractive area of skill training, where there are good job chances of places and then work. In Pokhara there is only one government college and a few private colleges of nursing. It is a 3 years course after School Leaving Certificate (SLC). In the government college, a student has to invest NRS 100,000 (£700) for fees and NRS 60,000 (£300) for hostel, meals and other costs. In private institutes, the total cost may go NRs 500,000 (£3500) including hostel and meals.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) is 18 months course only run by private institutes. Students get entrance for this course after SLC. Fees are around NRs 100,000 (£700) and other costs Hostel, meals, project work NRs 150,000 (£1000).

Community Medical Assistant / Lab assistant: 15 months course after SLC. Cost: Fee 50,000 (£350). Other costs 100,000 (£700).

Veterinary and agricultural trainings are another possible area. However there is no such institution in Pokhara and students would have to go other districts. The cost may range from NRs150,000 (£1000) to 200,000 (£1400).

Junior Engineers / Sub-junior engineers are another field. The cost may vary from NRs 100,000 (£700) to 200,000 (£1400).

There are short term courses as well, which are less expensive but no guarantee of work; but may be followed by self-employment and demand only basic school education as entry requirement:

  1. Motor Rebinding – 3 months Cost: NRs. 8,500 (£60)
  2. Plumbing – 3 months; Cost: NRs. 6,500 (£45)
  3. Electronics – 6 months. Cost: NRs. 9,000 (£60)
  4. General electrical (House wiring) – 3 months. Cost: 4,500 (£30)
  5. Mobile repair – 3 months. Cost: NRs. 10,000 (£70)
  6. Refrigeration and AC Technician – 6 months – NRs. 9,000 (£62)

Computer courses

  1. Basic computer – 3 months; NRs. 3,500 (£25)
  2. Diploma in computer – 3 months; NRs. 6,000 (£40)
  3. Graphic Design – 4 months, NRs. 7,000 (£50)
  4. Basic hardware – 4 months, NRs. 9,000 (£60)
  5. Hardware and networking – 6 months, NRs. 12,000 (£83)