How do we choose the student for you to support? 

  • Our Nepali Trustees ask the Head Teachers of local schools for details of students who meet our criteria. Sometimes Heads approach us.
  • a short-list of students is interviewed by the Trustees
  • the Trustees select the students worthy of support from The Fishtail Fund. Our five tests are:
    • are they clever enough to prosper at secondary school?
    • do they want to stay at school?
    • are they under economic pressure to leave their education?
    • do their families support their wish to stay in education?
    • do their head teachers endorse their potential?
  • at the end of the school year their progress is reviewed for us by the Nepal Trustees in consultation with their Head Teacher. We’ll be honest with you: if a student ‘drops out’ we will tell you why. Successful students receive their Fishtail Student Certificate.

Selection of our students is irrespective of religion, gender, caste or race.

Choosing students beyond school level

We use similar criteria, except that we require students to stay in Nepal for a given time after they complete the course. We will be unhappy if they disappear to lucrative work in America. They must put something back into their own country first.